Dr. Loria uses not only the most sophisticated and state of the art techniques that are available and recognized today, but also has been making advancements and providing cutting edge technology with advanced techniques in the Penile Enlargement & Restoration field.

Dr. Loria’s non-invasive Penile Enlargement Technique is called the PLATINUM Method. This acronym, PLATINUM Method, stands for “Penile enlargement using a Collagen Layering Activation filler Technique Involving New and Unique Materials Method.

Dr. Loria is a Cosmetic Surgeon who has pioneered this minimally invasive Penile Enlargement PLATINUM Method. It is a minimally invasive  surgical procedure resulting in an Enlarged Penis with NO Scars, NO Stitches, NO Silicone Implants, NO Foreign Skin Implants (Alloderm TM), NO Suspensory Ligament cutting, NO Lipo-Suction Fat Transfers with Lumps & Bumps, NO General Anesthesia, and NO Traditional Surgery using Scalpels.

The PLATINUM Method has advantages over the more common Penile Enlargement Surgical procedures, whether using a Silicone Implant Strip, Donor Skin Collagen, Lipo-Suction fat transfer, Vacuum devices, or untested  fillers such as Artifill products, etc.  Dr. Loria takes great pride in offering his patients the latest in Penile Enlargement Techniques involving Minimally Invasive Surgery. The Doctor uses FDA Approved U.S. Pharmaceutical material. Dr. Loria uses this material as Filler.  It is used in the Face, hands, and other body areas. Regarding use in the Penis, it is artfully and skillfully placed in such a fashion as to create an enlarged and distinguished penile sculpture.

This Filler has unique properties. After the Filler had been placed, your body will ‘digest’ this material and stimulate a reaction to generate your own collagen material. After a majority of the filler is completely gone, your body will build up a thick collagen layer, just like the collagen of your own skin. The PLATINUM Method allows for your own body to synthesize your own collagen, thus being much more natural than any other product on the market and much safer than most of not all surgical techniques currently available today.

There are no worries about having Lipo- Suction Fat transfer causing potential lumps and bumps, or implanting some other person’s skin (Alloderm TM), or artificial material (Silicone Sheets) in your Penis. The PLATINUM Method differs greatly from the more common Penile Enlargement Surgical procedures. For example, a common Penile Enlargement procedure involves inserting Silicone Strips of material along the Penile Shaft to increase the girth. This material is relatively inert but may cause potential autoimmune problems (where the body attacks itself) and irritation in the Penile area. This usually involves general anesthesia and cutting the Penile Shaft open to insert the Silicone Strips. Sutures are then placed to close the open wound. After 10-14 days the sutures are removed and a long linear scar is the result.
A Penile Enlargement Method very similar to the Silicone Strip technique uses another type of commercially available prosthetic called Alloderm™. The Alloderm™ dermal-matrix graft is surgically placed under the skin of the penile shaft. Alloderm is made from donor human skin. The material is the skin minus the cells, leaving only the dermis or collagen portion of the skin. Alloderm was approved by the FDA in the early 90’s and was used in a variety of surgical procedures including burn surgery, lip augmentation, nasal septum reconstruction, breast reconstruction, and other procedures.

Dr. Loria meets with all of his patients privately and personally performs each and every procedure in his private treatment room. Dr. Loria started his Cosmetic Surgical practice in New York in 1993 and has extensive experience with a whole host of filler materials. Dr. Loria currently practices in Miami FL, and will be expanding his Surgical Practice to other major cities throughout the United States, Canada, and Internationally.