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Girth + Sleeve

Before Procedure Measurements:

  • Flaccid Girth 7.0 inches.
  • Flaccid Length 3.0 inches.
  • Erect Girth 7.25 inches.
  • Erect Length 5.0 inches.

The patient had one Penile Shaft & Glans Permanent Filler Girth treatment to help balance the Penile Shaft irregularities from a Prior Fat Transfer treatment on his first office visit, and then had a Sleeve placed to optimize Penile Shaft Flaccid Length and to prevent the Glans from ‘turtling’, on his second office visit

After Procedure Measurements:

  • Flaccid Girth 7.5 inches
  • Flaccid Length 5.0 inches.
  • Erect Girth 8.0 inches 
  • Erect Length 6.0 inches.

The patient has met his goals with balancing the unevenness of the prior Free Fat Transfer Penis Enlargement, gaining some girth of the Penile Shaft & Glans Girth, and, in addition, optimizing Penile Flaccid length and preventing the Glan ‘turtling’ with the Sleeve. 

Below: Pre-Treatment Flaccid Girth:  Patient had Free Fat Transfer prior, note imbalances and Glans ‘turtling’. 

Below: Pre-TreatmentErect. Note: Glans is still turtling even in Erect State. 

Below: Post Treatment Flaccid:  Sleeve and Permanent Filler Girth treatment of Shaft & Glans. Note that Glans is completely out and Flaccid Length has been extended due to Sleeve. 

Below: Post-Treatment Erect:  Sleeve and Permanent Filler Girth treatment of Shaft & Glans. Note that the Glans is completely out and not turtled, and girth has increased due to Filler and Sleeve placement. 

Post-Treatment Erect with Tape Measure

Post-Treatment Erect

Below: Side by Side Comparison of Pre and Post 

Side by Side comparison of the Pre and Post Treatment Flaccid state: Note short and contracted Flaccid State, and Glans ‘turtled’ position vs. post treatment with much longer Flaccid state with Glans not turtled. 

Below: Pre & Post-Treatment Erect: Sleeve and Permanent Filler Girth treatment of Shaft & Glans. Note Pre-Treatment Erect …Glans is partially submerged, and length is short. Post Treatment the Glans is exposed, more natural looking, and the Erect Length has increased as well. 

 Pre-Treatment Erect

Post-Treatment Erect

 Please Note Typical Size gains:

  • Penile Shaft Permanent Filler average girth gains – ¾ to 1-inch per treatment.
  • Penile Shaft Permanent Filler average Flaccid Length gains – 1-inch per treatment.
  • Release (Suspensory Ligament Release) average Penile Shaft Erect Length gains are ½ to 1-inch. 
  • Sleeve average Penile Shaft Flaccid Length gains are 2-5 or more inches. 


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