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Silicone Oil Injections are safe in the hands of a Cosmetic Surgeon who not only has experience with this type of permanent filler but knows how to inject them. Preparing the Silicone Oil mixture is also critical to its success as a permanent filler. Dr Loria has patented a Silicone Oil Permanent Filler mixture that works to generate new collagen, so the enlargement of the Penile Shaft, Glans or Scrotum is not only from the Silicone Oil itself, but also from the generation of your own new natural collagen production. Please note that Silicone Oil should never be injected by itself but needs to be mixed with certain elements prior to injection. The only exception is the Silicone Oil micro-droplet injection method for facial augmentation, as Dr Derek Jones M.D. utilizes successfully.
There are numerous benefits to the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique. There is no general anesthesia necessary. This alone is a major benefit. General anesthesia has its own list of risks associated with it. Considering the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique involves only a tiny needle puncture (and no scalpel and stitches), infection is rare and complications associated with opening-up the skin and exposing the (Penile) organ. No scalpel is used which means that no artery or nerve can be severed causing major Penile tissue damage. In addition, no other Penile tissue can be cut through including the main spongy blood filled chambers that are needed for erection purposes. Another benefit is that sculpting in a precise manner can be accomplished using the PLATINUM PROCEDURE. This carries with it a great benefit. The Penile Shaft, Penile Glans (Head of the Penis) and Scrotum can be made larger in girth to very large sizes if desired. Other benefits include, in general, a lower cost for the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique. It is worthy of note that Dr Loria developed the LEEP ProcedureTM which involves Penile Shaft Erect Lengthening via a Suspensory Ligament Release Technique, and the Sleeve Insert, which involves Penile Shaft Flaccid Lengthening with some possible Erect length as well.
When it comes to Penile Shaft & Glans Girth Enlargement, Dr. Loria’s PLATINUM PROCEDURE does NOT carry the Surgical risks of invasive penile enhancement surgery since it is a minimally invasive procedure (an injection). The risks of Surgery, mentioned below, are not involved with the Permanent Filler PLATINUM PROCEDURE. Any Surgical procedure involving cutting with a scalpel, which is involved with many male enhancement procedures performed by many Physicians today, such as Fat Transfer, Alloderm or Belladerm grafts, Dermal Grafts, Very Large Rubber Silicone Implants, etc. carries much greater and significant risks and side effects. For these surgical procedures, the side effects include but are not limited to nerve damage, change in sensation, vascular damage and/or superficial skin tissue necrosis, excessive scarring, erectile function etc. Altered urinary and semen flow may result as well. Dr Loria developed the LEEP ProcedureTM which is a minor surgical procedure for Penile Shaft Erect and Flaccid Enlargement. This procedure involves Penile Shaft Erect Lengthening via a Suspensory Ligament Release Technique, and the Sleeve Insert, which involves Penile Shaft Flaccid Lengthening with some possible Erect length as well. Since this is a surgical procedure it carries with it, as with all surgical procedures, the risk of infection (uncommon), scarring, minor bleeding, temporary swelling and bruising, and superficial nerve damage (rare). In some cases the Sleeve Implant or Spacer Implant (used with Release technique to prevent suspensory ligaments from reattaching) will need to be removed if an infection is suspected. This complication regarding infection can occur with any implant that goes into the body including a new Knee or Hip implant, Heart Valves, etc.,etc., so the key is to provide the best sterile environment as possible.
The risks of Penile Enlargement Surgery for Penile Shaft and Glans Girth enlargement, as mentioned in the prior question, are the same with most other types of major surgical procedures. The minimally invasive Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique eliminates these risks significantly. The Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique involves No ‘Cutting’ with Scalpels, No Sutures/Stitches, No Scarring, No General Anesthesia, and utilizes only a microscopic needle puncture to allow the filler material safely and effectively under the Penile Skin. It is the safest minimally invasive Collagen Layered Activation Penile Enlargement procedure in our day and time.

This Cosmetic Minimally Invasive technique was developed by Dr. Loria. Dr. Loria has extensive experience in Cosmetic Surgical Filler Materials and has applied this knowledge to the Penile Organ for a much safer enlargement procedure. Dr. Loria decided to pursue the development of the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique primarily because of the highly risky procedures that are available today – (Dr. Loria’s opinion). The Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique involves ‘injecting’ or ‘inserting’ Facial Filler material into the Penis. This is done after the application of a topical gel/cream anesthetic. The procedure is more of an Art than a Science because artistic skill is needed to shape and sculpt the Penile shaft to the liking of the patient. There are significant differences between this Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique and all other very invasive surgical procedures available today. For example, the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique involves NO General Anesthesia, NO Stitches/Sutures, NO Cutting with a Scalpel, NO High risks of Infection, Abscess formation, nerve or vessel damage, NO Silicone pieces inserted, NO Balloon insertion with pumps, etc. This procedure is far superior regarding risks of complications as compared to any type of major invasive surgical procedure, which involves actual cutting the Penis open, and the insertion of any device or pre-formed materials.

Fillers have been used in the Cosmetic Surgery field for over 70 years. Injecting Fillers under the skin, whether it be facial, hand, Penile, or other parts of the body skin, results in a common reaction that is predictable as per the type of Filler Agent. In the 1980’s very primitive and first line non-silicone fillers came to the market. They were injected under the skin and lasted for several months. Over time superior fillers were developed lasting up to 1-3 years. In relatively recent times, FDA approved long acting fillers and other substances have been approved for Surgical Use. It is these long acting fillers that are used to Enlarge the Penis. Using long acting fillers allows for long acting results – which is highly desirable. Filler materials and substances approved for injection into the body have been proven to be safe. Fillers and/or FDA injectable substances, when injected into the Penis, are very effective for Penile Enlargement.

Dermal Grafting involves ‘cutting out’ some of your skin from, for example, the side of your abdomen (or belly), and then taking a portion of that skin and suturing it to the inside of the Penis. This is a very invasive procedure regarding the harvesting and implantation aspects, resulting in potentially extensive scarring to the belly area. It also involves the same risks infection, scarring, stitches, hair growing under the penile skin, etc. The Very Large Penile Implants used for Penile Girth, involves cutting open the Penis to insert this device. These types of devices are not tolerated well, and are often removed. The Allograft material (using the skin from cadavers) still needs to be surgically introduced into the Penis, being associated with the usual surgical risks as well, in addition to dissolving and breaking up into pieces over the years. All of these Penile Girth Enlargement Techniques have no real advantage over the Permanent Filler Injections. In fact, the Permanent Silicone Oil Filler Injections are non-surgical, do not need general anesthesia, do not use scalpels, is permanent, and you can achieve very large girth sizes safely and effectively. So, why have surgery and the risks associated with Surgery for Permanent Penle Girth enlargement when you can get simple Permanent Filler Injections which have no risks of surgery?

Liposuction Fat Transfer involves transferring fat from one area of the body to the Penis. The process involves a large type of cannula or needle type instrument, which is inserted into the, for example, belly fat, to ‘suck out’ the fat. This fat is collected and then injected into the Penis. The process involves either local or general anesthesia. The problems with this fat transfer procedure are many. The first is; there is an unnatural feel to the Penile shaft after the fat is transferred. The Penile shaft should not feel ‘squishy’, so to speak, when erect. In addition, the fat in some areas will not ‘take’ causing fibrosis, lumping, and a very unnatural feel. In contrast, the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique involves precise sculpting of the Penile Shaft with the feel of a normal ‘hard’ erect Penis to the touch. In addition, there is no need for multiple surgical procedures involving other areas of the body – like in the Liposuction technique – which increases the risk of infections and a whole host of other potential complications.

Silicone implants are preformed pieces of Silicone, similar to pieces of plastic, which are inserted into the Penis. The procedure to insert this Silicone is via an invasive Surgical Procedure. The invasive Surgical Procedure itself, involving anesthesia, with the risk of infection, nerve/vessel damage etc., is the first major disadvantage. The liquid Silicone injections involves topical-gel anesthesia with a focused and directed pin-point penetration which does not pose a major risk with infection-vessel/nerve damage etc. Another disadvantage to the Silicone Implants is there is no way to adjust shape or dimension. These are preformed pieces of Silicone sheets that are inserted…one size fits all type of thing. With the Liquid Silicone technique, specifically the PLATINUM PROCEDURE, very detailed design shapes can be created. In addition, specific disorders such as Peyronie’s disease, post-op disfigurement due to cancer surgery, etc., can be corrected quite nicely with the PLATINUM PROCEDURE, which is near impossible with a preformed piece of Silicone Sheet. Also, the Liquid Silicone Procedure does not cause any scarring and no need for sutures/stitches, etc., as does the Invasive Surgical Procedure of Silicone Implantation.

Real Medical Penis Pumps to enlarge the Penis do not exist in the US. There are so-called ‘Penis Pumps’ sold in the US, but they do not take into consideration Genital Anatomy medical issues associated with Penis enlargement and potential side effects. Let’s assume that one does use one of the ‘Penis Pumps’ that are available…do they really work? Any time negative pressure is applied to human tissue, including the Penis, tissue swelling will occur. Considering this, Penis enlargement will occur. There are a few drawbacks to this method of Penis Enlargement. The first is that it is very time limited. The swelling will drop down rather rapidly…from minutes to an hour or so. Secondly, the swelling that occurs to the Penis results in an abnormal ‘soft’ rather than ‘hard’ feeling of an erect Penis. Now, considering the PLATINUM PROCEDURE, there is no real comparison. First, the results are from your own natural collagen production, not a temporary edema or swelling effect. Secondly, this procedure provides a significantly wider Penis that, upon the touch, will feel like an erect Penis when the Penis is erect.

Most definitely YES. After discussing what is involved with the PLATINUM Penis Enlargement Procedure, and the results one may receive, most of not all men have commented very favorably about having an enlarged flaccid Penis.

The only technique or procedure available today will enlarge the girth of the shaft of the erect Penis, and significantly increase the length and girth of the flaccid Penis. The head or Glans Penis is not affected. In the erect state, the Penile head enlarges which will compensate enough in size proportionately to the enlarged Penile shaft and look quite normal.
The Girth of the Penis is much more signification in most cases when it comes to the question of satisfaction. Also, another significant factor is the vaginal, anal, or oral capacity to receive a certain girth size. For extreme examples, you can have a very small penis entering a vagina, anus, or oral cavity that has a large capacity or can accommodate a very large Penis. In this case, the vagina, anus, or oral cavity may not receive enough stimulation from the small Penis, thereby resulting in minimal to no satisfaction (oral cavity stimulation is too capricious but is included in this discussion). The other extreme case is where you have a very large Penis entering a rather narrow vagina, anal, or oral cavity. It this case your Penis may not even be able to enter into the cavity or the experience will be a painful one – excessively stretching and possibly tearing the vaginal, anal, or oral cavity. Now, all other examples fall in-between these extreme examples. Now, let’s compare apples to apples. If we have the ‘average’ size vagina (when I mention vagina this will include the anal and oral canal as well in most cases) what Penile Girth would be most satisfactory? This is also a very complex question because when one enters into a relationship, assuming the person is not promiscuous, there is much more than just the physical elements that stimulate or arouse. If one loves his or her partner with whatever physical elements are involved, this will trump any and all physical variables possible including the extremes mentioned above. If one is promiscuous, having experienced a variety of Penis sizes and shapes, this is where the conflict begins. Experience of such a nature may allow the physical element to take ‘front seat’ as to what is really important in a relationship. In this case, an experience with a larger Penis, with a prior experience with a smaller Penis, may cause a greater physical stimulation and thereby guide this person’s choices in whom to have relationships with – hoping that a true love relationship will follow. More to follow.

This is the loaded question of the millennia. The answer to this question is far quite from a simple yes or no answer. Let’s first define the words ‘bigger’ and ‘better’. When it comes to ‘bigger’ we need to look at Penile anatomy and the average size of the Penis. The Penis is a three dimensional body organ…having width, length, and depth. The girth or circumference of the Penis includes the width and depth. The length is simply the length (self-explanatory). The average Penis size is between 5-6 inches in length, and 4 ½ inches in circumference (erect, not non-erect or flaccid). A small Penis will be defined as a Penis with 4-4 ¾ inches, or less, in length and 4 inches, or less, in circumference. A very small Penis will be defined as anything smaller than 4 inches in length and less than 4 inches in circumference. We will define a ‘big’ Penis as 7 inches in length and 4 ½ inches in diameter, a ‘bigger’ Penis as 8-9 inches and 5 inches in diameter, and the ‘biggest’ Penis as 10-12 inches in length and 5+ inches in diameter. Now we need to define the word ‘better’. Let’s assume the word ‘better’ means ‘more satisfying’, whether physically, mentally, or both. 

This depends on several anatomic (vaginal/anal and oral anatomy) and psychological factors. For example… Women with a short (non-lengthy)vaginal vault: These women may experience pain during intercourse due to a longer Penis hitting or striking against the cervix (or Uterus). Also certain sexual positions would be extremely painful for the woman. No advantage of a longer Penis in this situation. Of course there is always the exception to the rule…the rare few that will have greater pleasure in this situation. Girth size factor is not as critical with a woman with a short vaginal vault since there is greater accommodation by the Vagina (and anal canal) with stretching than Vaginal ( or anal canal) lengthening – which is more fixed. A short anal canal, in men or woman: The same applies as above. Girth size factor is not as critical since there is greater accommodation by the anal canal with girth stretching than anal lengthening which is more fixed. The women with a long vaginal vault: If the vaginal vault can accommodate a longer Penis, there might be an increased element of orgasmic pleasure, or none at all. A larger vaginal vault is much more important for the man’s pleasure, since the vagina can accommodate the entire Penis, causing a greater and more pleasurable experience of full and complete penetration, as opposed to partial penetration, in most if not all sexual positions. A long anal canal in men or woman: The same applies as above – in the lengthy Vaginal canal example. The oral cavity of women, or men: If one enjoys having the whole Penis in the mouth (without extending beyond the back of the throat), the smaller Penis wins. If one enjoys holding the Penis in one’s hands while performing oral sex, then the longer Penis wins. A note on psychological factors: We are bombarded with much propaganda that ‘bigger is better’, however, when one examines this more closely, the psyche is affected and impressionable by outside messages and influence.Bigger might simply be purely a psychological issue for some.



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