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Most people imagine the ideal penis as appearing exceptionally generous, both in length and in girth. The visual appeal of such a proportionally long and girthy penis has been around for centuries conjuring the impression of health, stamina, and attractiveness. Most men can now achieve this balanced look with the new Lora’s Elongation & Extension Penile Procedure or LEEP Procedure ™. In combination with the well-known Loria’s Penis Girth Enhancement Permanent Filler Treatments, a patient can now realize their dream of being thicker and longer.

The Loria’s Elongation & Extension Penile procedure, or LEEP Procedure ™is a new procedure that can extend and lengthen the penis in both the Flaccid and Erect states with minimal downtime and recovery.

Flaccid Elongation

Most men dislike the small, contracted look of the flaccid penis. The penis throughout the day is constantly changing shape, size, and retraction levels. For many, this retraction force can be severe, causing the penis to retract into the abdomen, appearing very small, regardless of the size when fully erect. This leads many to say they are a “Grower” versus being a “Shower”.

The first step to a longer flaccid penis is to consider the LEEP Procedure ™. This procedure entails a two-step process, the insertion of a Soft Silicone Rubber Sleeve Insert, and the Suspensory Ligament Release. The patient may opt to have only the Silicone Sleeve insert or the Suspensory Ligament Release, but it is recommended to have both treatments for optimal results. The objective is to gain 1-2 inches in Erect Length, and up to 5+ inches in Flaccid Length.

o The insertion of the Soft Silicone Rubber Sleeve Insert, which is placed just under the penile skin, results in an Elongated Flaccid State. So for example, if the current Flaccid State is 3 inches and the Erect State is 6 inches, the Penile Shaft will elongate out, post Sleeve insert, to the 6-inch length. Now, if the Penile Shaft Tissue has some ‘stretchability’ then we may be able to stretch the Penile Shaft to 7-inches, and place a 7-inch Sleeve in ….so now we have accomplished not only Penile Shaft Elongation in the Flaccid state, but now Extended the Penile Shaft Erect Length as well. This procedure leaves no scarring because the Sleeve is inserted along the current or existing circumcision scar. If you are not circumcised, then you will have a very small linear scar.

o The Suspensory Ligament Release is primarily designed to Extent or lengthen the Penile Erect Length. The Patient will have a small scar in the Pubic skin area, but with some pubic hair growth, this should be completely or nealy completely covered. This Procedure involves a two-step process, This is a soft silicone sleeve that is custom made to fit each patient uniquely and is inserted around the penis shaft, just under the skin. The soft silicone sleeve is designed to follow the contour of the penis, holding the penis longer, closer to its natural erect length.

For those who are not circumcised, this is an ideal opportunity to get circumcised and to enhance the length of the penis all in one procedure. Instead of the penis glans, the head of the penis, retracting up under the thin foreskin, the LEEP Procedure TM will hold the penis out creating a much better look and exposing the glans for an overall larger appearance and symmetrical balance.

Erect Extension

For those who are seeking not just flaccid length but also erect length, the LEEP procedure ™ can be used to Extend the penis up to an inch or more in the erect state. The average penis in length is between 5 to 6 inches. This is a very respectful length and is sexually satisfying to most partners. But some patients may be under this size requiring a little extra in length to reach this optimal measurement. Others may want the extra length for cosmetic or proportional appearance reason. Not only does a longer penis appear attractive but is a great confidence builder and can be advantageous in particular sexual positions.

To best enhance the erect length size, Dr. Loria recommends a small release of the suspensory ligament located at the base of the penis shaft. This minor procedure is an updated version of the original ligament suspensory release and performed with new techniques. By releasing the suspensory ligament, the LEEP procedure ™ ; sleeve can take full advantage of the entire penis shaft moving it out further adding measurable length both flaccid and erect.

LEEP Procedure ™– Combination Sleeve & Suspensory Ligament Release

These two procedures can be done separately or in a combination to further enhance the penis length. The purpose of the LEEP Procedure ™ Sleeve is to elongate the penis in the flaccid state, keeping it longer and resisting the natural retraction that most men feel. The continuous flaccid elongation can also lead so some erect gains. Releasing the Suspensory Ligament is designed to give the penis shaft extra room to stretch and allow for its full potential in length. When done together, a patient can expect length increases in both the flaccid and erect lengths.

Gain Proportional Length and Girth

The best combination of procedures is performing the Girth Enhancement with the LEEP Procedure ™ lengthening. A patient can add substantial overall size by combining the proven Girth Enhancement via the “Permanent Dermal Filler” with the LEEP Procedure ™ procedure. The procedure combination can be done via a 2-visit promotional plan Click here for Fees, usually performing the LEEP Procedure ™ lengthening procedure first, followed by the girth enhancement.

Who is this for?

Not all patients are looking for a longer erect penis. Some patients and their partners are happy with their length but will opt for the girth enhancement as this provides the most sexual stimulation. But among these patients, many may not be happy with the retracted look of their penis. In this case, elongating the penis in the flaccid state is ideal. Other patients may experience a very strong retraction force and are seeking a way to make the penis look better and to feel better.

Having a longer penis in the flaccid state can greatly improve the confidence level of a man giving him the freedom to step out from a bath and be proud of what he sees. He no longer needs to remind a partner that he is a grower, not a shower.

Other patients are seeking a longer penis both flaccid and erect. Although 5 to 6 inches in length is the average penis, most men do not want to look or feel “Average”. The confidence boost from being longer and well-proportioned is a game changer for many.

Recovery Time

The recovery time for the LEEP procedure ™ ; is similar to the Girth Enhancement procedure, being around 30 to 40 days. But, unlike the Girth Enhancement procedure, the patient is not normally required to wear the special penile shaft wrap for 21 days. Instead, a lessor, simpler wrap is used around the circumcision line.

Side Effects

Like our well-known Girth Enhancement Procedure, the LEEP procedure ™ was designed for minimal downtime. The procedure recovery is typically 30-40 days with little or no discomfort. For the placement of the LEEP procedure ™ silicone sleeve, an incision is done around the existing circumcision line, or new circumcision if a patient requests. There will be some stitches around the circumcision line that will naturally dissolve or fall out.

Releasing the suspensory ligament may leave a small scar hidden in the hairline of the pubis mound, just above the penis shaft. The is a small incision to allow the surgeon to reach the suspensory ligament and to provide the release technique. As with the Girth Enhancement procedure, the patient will be on antibiotics, so no alcohol during the recovery.

As with the Girth Enhancement procedure, the patient will be on antibiotics, so no alcohol during the recovery.


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