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At Loria Medical we understand that Male Enhancement is a sensitive, delicate, discreet, and very private matter to discuss and treat. Dr Loria understands this well and keeps all patient information confidential.

There are many types of male enlargement treatments available today, including surgical and non-surgical methods. Regarding non-surgical methods, Dr Loria utilizes minimally invasive Permanent Filler Injections for Penile Shaft and Glans (Head of the Penis) Girth enlargement in addition to Scrotal Enlargement. This Permanent Filler Injection was patented and developed by Dr. Loria. This minimally invasive treatment, also referred to as the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique, or PLATINUM Technique,  is discussed below in more detail.

Regarding minor surgical methods, Dr Loria developed the LEEP ProcedureTM. This procedure involves Penile Shaft Lengthening of the Erect state utilizing the Suspensory Ligament Release (or ‘Release’) procedure, and the Penile Shaft Lengthening of the Flaccid state utilizing the Sleeve Insert (or ‘Sleeve’) procedure.

Why are minimally invasive non-surgical and surgical techniques superior to the very invasive surgical methods available today? Very simply, it is much safer. This is what our patients prefer. In addition, the minimally invasive techniques developed by Dr Loria are not only much safer but regarding the Permanent Filler Girth procedure,  your own natural collagen is generated for the girth enlargement process. It is this newly formed and permanent collagen that builds the new increased girth size.

As you evaluate this minimally invasive injection method, you will see that the traditional surgical procedures to increase Girth offered by other physicians today are quite invasive and carry a much higher risk of infection, tissue damage, and suboptimal results. These surgical procedures will, in some cases, utilize foreign material or even someone else’s skin as the ‘filler’ agent for enlargement and stitch this material into your penile shaft and/or glans. The chosen method to surgically insert or implant these materials into the penile shaft makes many potential patients anxious and apprehensive of such treatments.


What is the goal of a Male Enhancement treatment? The answer is simple, to get larger. Why do men want to get larger? The majority of men want to get larger to not only ‘feel’ more during intercourse but to excite and stimulate their partner to a greater degree…and ultimately have the self-esteem and confidence they have been longing for. Why would a larger penis stimulate an orgasm with greater intensity and frequency? The answer involves knowing the vaginal (and anal) anatomy. Note that the vaginal and anal anatomy are, in general, similar regarding broad structural concept and neural networking, which is discussed below.

The image above demonstrates the average range of penile girth, (the two models on the left) and the recommended range of penile girth enlargement for maximal sexual stimulation (the two models on the right).

The vaginal anatomy, and all portions associated with sexual intercourse, include the outer visible portion, and the internal non-visible portion. The outer visible portion of the vagina includes the labia (or outer skin area), vaginal opening itself, and the clitoris (a small mass of tissue just above the vaginal opening). The internal non-visible portion of the vagina includes the vaginal canal and the uterus. The cervix, which lies at the very end of the vaginal canal, is the very lowest portion of the uterus. It acts like a dead-end street in the vaginal canal.

The nerves involved, which initiate and stimulate orgasms, do not solely exist in the clitoris and the “mysterious G-spot” somewhere in the vaginal canal, as many would think. The nerves involved with sexual stimulation involve a tremendous network of nerves that branch throughout the vaginal walls themselves, in addition to the large concentration found in the clitoris.

A larger penile girth (at normal size penile erect length of 5-6 inches) will stimulate more intense and frequent orgasms than a 10-inch-long penis with a normal girth size.

Keep in mind that the psychological component of sexual stimulation is significant. When sexually aroused, these neural networks within the vaginal ‘organ’ could be ‘hyper’ sensitive resulting in a more intense and frequent orgasm. This aspect, the psychological impact on orgasms, will not be discussed at this time.

Why would a thicker penis stimulate more and be preferred over a longer penis? When a couple has intercourse, it is the penis girth that rubs along the vaginal walls. But in most cases, the penis is not thick enough to adequately stimulate, and with a ‘normal’ girth, the stimulation will be ‘normal’ or simply minimalized.

However, with an increase in penile girth (or thickness) of the penile shaft, it is now rubbing along all four walls of the vaginal canal, stimulating with more intensity and creating more frequent orgasms simply due to the physical contact of the penile shaft on all the nerves in all four of the vaginal walls simultaneously.


Other presentations of the Vaginal area, in a color drawing and in pencil, demonstrating the location of the vaginal opening for intercourse and the location of the clitoris on the upper pole of the vaginal opening.

Another presentation of the female genital anatomy demonstrating the bony structures near the vaginal area. This is the limiting factor regarding the determination of the final size of the penile girth for penetration. If the female bony anatomy is narrow, most likely a penile shaft thickness going above a girth size of 6.5- 7-inches in circumference will be problematic painful, or simply not ‘fit’.

Another presentation of the female genital anatomy demonstrating a ‘sagittal type of cross-section. You can appreciate the proximity of the anal canal, vaginal canal, and the urethra and urethral (urinary) canal. In addition, and most important for penile length size issues, the vaginal canal length is limited. As demonstrated, the vaginal canal might be 6-8 inches in depth, then the Uterus is at the other end of this vaginal canal. If the penile length is too long, it will only, in most cases during intercourse, ‘hit’ the Uterus (cervix portion) and cause discomfort and pain.

Another presentation of the female genital anatomy demonstrating a ‘frontal plane type of cross section’. You can appreciate the vaginal canal length, which is limited. As you can see, the vaginal canal maybe 6-8 inches in depth, with the Uterus at the other end. If the penile length is too long, it will only, in most cases during intercourse, ‘hit’ the Uterus (cervix portion), and cause discomfort and pain.


The images above demonstrate the typical male anatomy and the female anatomy. Note that the vaginal canal is only so long or deep. At the end of the vaginal canal is the organ called the uterus, which during intercourse, if the penile length is too long, there may be pain.

The well-known ‘G-spot’, for many, is a proposed mysterious area somewhere in the vaginal canal that causes orgasms in women. However, the only reason it is so mysterious is that very few men have enough adequate girth to effectively stimulate the vaginal walls and this ‘G-spot’.

The ‘G- Spot’ is real, but with a larger penile shaft, with its stimulation ‘wall to wall’ the entire vagina with its extensive network of nerves on the outer and inner portions of the vagina and vaginal canal become stimulated. When a patient increases their penile girth size, these vaginal walls will ‘feel’ much more of the penile shaft which will result in greater and more frequent orgasms. It is primarily about girth – not the length of the penis – that is much more important and significant regarding the stimulation of orgasms.

Below is a list of popular procedures offered in the United States, which includes Loria Medical’s minimally invasive Permanent Injection Filler Procedure and the more invasive surgical treatments for your review.

The procedure at Loria Medical, is a minimally invasive permanent cosmetic filler treatment. It involves injecting a permanent filler material under the penile skin which causes collagen production resulting in a permanent enlargement. The collagen produced is your own natural substance (not foreign material or someone else’s skin, etc.). This newly formed collagen is permanent, and when you achieve your desired size there will be no need for subsequent treatments (unlike many surgical procedures listed below which may need additional procedures to maintain your size over the years).

Please see ‘Our Procedures ‘list on the Homepage to learn more about the minimally invasive Permanent Dermal Filler Injection procedure.


This is an FDA approved medication for eye disorders, however, Cosmetic Surgeons can use this medication (or similar products) off-label as a permanent facial or body filler material, which, if used appropriately and by skilled cosmetic dermatologists, can yield excellent filler results.

STEP 1 The Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique does not use general anesthesia, but primarily a topical anesthetic cream. This is the first step in the procedure.

STEP 2 The next step is to make sure the numbing cream has taken full effect, so a lidocaine injection will be administered.

STEP 3 After the insertion of the filler material under the penile skin, a brown stretch gauze wrap is placed as shown.


The subject of ‘Penis size’ and even ‘Scrotal size’ has been a topic of discussion since the beginning of time. There are numerous reasons to enlarge or change the shape of the Penis and/or Scrotum. There are medical, physical, psychological, and other reasons to alter the aesthetics and size of the Penis and Scrotum.

One very common reason to seek out penile (or scrotal) enlargement is simply this – most men want to be bigger to feel better about themselves and to please their partner. Most men, of course, being the majority and by definition being of normal average size, tend to perceive themselves as below average. Many men are plagued with this self-doubt causing lower self-esteem and even converting that to poor emotional and sexual performance with their partners.

The image above demonstrates the average range of penile girth, (the two models on the left) and the recommended range of penile girth enlargement for maximal sexual stimulation (the two models on the right).

There are other reasons to seek out male enhancement. For example, there are changes to the vaginal canal due to natural childbirth. During a vaginal delivery (not C-Section), there may be a ‘stretching’ of the vaginal canal. This, in turn, will potentially affect the ‘feel’ of intercourse. If this is the case, penile enlargement will correct for the vaginal canal expansion (physical component), and the enlarged penis will most certainly increase the feel and excitement of intercourse once again for both partners.

Another reason for enlargement is for the visual appearance of the penis during the flaccid and erect states. Most men do not like the way the penis looks when flaccid (soft) or even erect. There are often jokes made about the flaccid appearance, which is frequently termed ‘shrinkage’. This shrinkage issue can be remedied by Loria Medical’s enlargement process.

In addition, if a patient has a penile enlargement and flaccid lengthening treatment, then the flaccid penis will be almost as long as the erect penis, and much thicker, changing the appearance in a dramatic and favorable way.

The Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique will make the penis much larger while erect as well as significantly enlarging the penis while flaccid. This new size and appearance is far more appealing over most men’s original flaccid (shrunken) and even in the erect states.

This new larger appearance, for most couples, is visually and emotionally stimulating creating a new sense of arousal for both partners. Sex is just as important between the ears as it is physically, and this stronger sense of visual arousal can lead to a sexual relationship renewal between couples.

The images above demonstrate the size change from a flaccid or soft state. The image on the left shows the flaccid penis before any filler treatment. The image on the right shows the flaccid penis after filler treatment. As you can see the presentation is very different, quite enlarged and hanging longer as well while in the flaccid state.

The images above demonstrate the size change from an erect or firm state. The image on the left is the erect state before filler treatment. The image on the right is the erect state after filler treatment. As you can see there is a substantial size change.


The image or diagram above demonstrates why penile erection/function and penile mass may change or decrease over time when one has diabetes. As seen above the arteries are becoming narrowed, which limits blood supply to the tissues, and the nerves become damaged, which affects sensation and function as well.

Medical reasons for considering the alteration of penile size and shape are numerous. Diabetes, for example, is a disease that can alter the vascular and neurological function of the Penis. For a Diabetic, who has penile dysfunction and erection problems, can experience an altered level of sensation and penile mass reduction. In this case, medical therapy would be the first line of treatment utilizing the most current medications, suppositories, injectables, and if needed, implantable erectile devices that aid in achieving and maintaining an erection. Penile Enlargement can play a role in diabetic erectile dysfunction (ED). An enlarged Penis would increase the sensation through the increased pressure upon sexual penetration and allow an enhanced blood flow response resulting in a firmer and possibly longer-lasting erection.


The image or diagram above demonstrates the pathology involved with Peyronie’s disease. There is a scar or plaque development in the penile shaft that not only can cause a curvature, but interfere with circulation, and cause direct penile tissue damage and loss of mass. When the penile shaft blood vessels and nerves are continually damaged by the advancement of this plaque or scar, and this further compounds the disease process regarding penile function and size.

A person with Peyronie’s Disease can be helped as well. Peyronie’s Disease affects the penile shaft by causing a fibrotic type of reaction/scarring that results in a shrinking and curving of the Penile Shaft. This, in turn, affects the blood flow and erectile tissue and subsequently causes a size reduction of the Penis as a whole. Penile enlargement can restore most of the lost penile size and shape, which makes the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique a serious consideration in your choice of treatment options, not only because of the enlargement results but the safety aspects of the non-surgical minimally invasive technique.

A person, who may have suffered trauma to the genital area, whether from burns, direct blunt injury, war injury, or any other ordeal that may alter the shape and size of the Penis and Scrotum, can obtain correction to some degree in most – if not all – cases. The degree of success and meeting the patient’s expectations will be determined after a medical examination has been performed.

The psychological aspect of Male Enhancement has been mainly been handed over to the media or product advertisements. TV commercials, radio, print, and the internet have flooded men with unproven or simply incorrect facts about male enhancements. Most of these products are designed to prey upon men’s lower self-esteem to sell a product. The truth is the issue is complicated and getting to the facts is difficult. The Cosmetic Surgeons at Loria Medical deal with this issue on a daily basis. We know and understand that the psychological ‘trauma’ is just as real as physical trauma. Within the mind, there is no real distinction between the two. We treat, as we ought to, this psychological element as a real and serious issue because of the debilitating nature that psychological stress can cause.

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why one would desire a penile enlargement and/or scrotal enhancement. Many men have chosen not to move forward and enlarge their penile shaft, glans or scrotum simply due to the fear of having a surgical procedure performed and the risks associated. You need not worry about this anymore because there is now a new safer method using a Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique. This proven method is effective and much safer than the surgical methods available today. It is simply an excellent alternative method of enlarging the penis and/or scrotal areas without the major risks of surgery.

Here are just a few of the common services provided by Loria Medical

·        Penile Shaft Lengthening Enlargement

·        Penile Shaft (or Girth) Enlargement

·        Penile Glans (or Penile Head) Enlargement

·        Scrotal Enhancement (or Enlargement)

·        Penile Shaft Erect Lengthening Treatment – LEEP Release

·        Penile Shaft Flaccid Lengthening Treatment – LEEP Sleeve

·        Peyronie’s Disease Treatment (Curved Penis with Girth attenuation)

·        Micro-Penis Enlargement

·        Corrective Procedures: Correct or Enhance prior Traditional Male Enhancement treatments Such as Lipo fat transfer, dermal grafting etc.

·        And more…

Please review the details of each procedure by going to the ‘Our Procedures’ link on the homepage.



Dr. Victor Loria, D.O. leads the practice of Loria Medical with locations in Orlando and Miami Florida. For more than 30 years, Dr. Loria has performed cosmetic, dermatologic surgery and other procedures including hair restoration, laser surgery, and permanent cosmetic filler on both men and women.





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