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This Couple Gave Each Other The Gift of Enhancement

This Couple Gave Each Other The Gift of Enhancement

Now here’s a story of true love. A New York couple recently bought for each other not the typical, boring Valentine’s day gift of flowers, jewelry, chocolate, stuffed animals etc. No. They went and bought for each other; new and improved genitals to improve their sex life.couple cuddling in bed

It was discussed lovingly beforehand. Jessica asked her partner what he would prefer, flowers and candy or a larger penis and a tighter vagina?

I don’t think there was any argument.

She and her partner both went to visit New York City to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation for their proposed ‘upgrade’.

Jessica received the TermiVA, a radio frequency procedure that stimulates collagen. This procedure is for the purpose of helping to tighten vaginal tissue. Meanwhile her partner Malik* underwent dermal filler injections in his penis for extra girth.

It appears Jessica is the one who initiated the discussion.

The announcement wasn’t a total surprise for Malik as he had expressed several times over the years desire for a thicker penis and had even tried methods such as maca root which was marketed as a natural penis enlargement.

It didn’t work.

So Jessica did her homework for the both of them.

Apparently she is not alone. The doctor she went to sees a 50 to 60% increase in both males and females coming in for genital enhancements.

The wonderful thing is that it’s quite a simple procedure and not as scary as some think. You discuss your concerns, and talk it through. If you’re ready you can have the procedure the very same day.

You can even discuss how large you wish to be and how long you want the newfound girth to last; one, two or four years. Most men opt for the maximum.

Then there is a waiting time. Guys can go about their day to day activities but, they have to wait two weeks without sex or masturbation to ensure the filler sets correctly.

Malik added about 1.75 centimeters to his girth which pleased Jessica very nicely.
The couple says that their sex lives have been transformed in the weeks following their visit.
“It’s just hot now,” Malik says of the difference.

“It’s definitely more satisfying,” echoes Jessica. “It’s like going from a pencil to a cucumber.”

Dr. Loria is a pioneer at performing the Platinum Technique

which can increase your penis’ girth size. This is a non invasive surgery that does not involve any cutting, there are no stitches, and no scalpel. Easy financing available. He’s performed this technique on thousands of satisfied patients.

This FDA approved long acting filler provides Physicians with a purified, sterile, safe and high quality medication to use for penis enlargement.

Don’t go for traditional, risky surgical enlargement when this technique has a lower risk of infection, complications and a much shorter recovery and healing time.

Contact us for a private consultation to discuss your needs.

You too can give this gift to yourself and your partner to improve your sex life. After all, unconventional gifts are the very best gifts of all.

Call us at 877-375-6742.

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