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What’s The Ideal Length For a Penis?

What’s The Ideal Length For a Penis?

A penis is found in all shapes and size. The length and circumferential diameter also vary from man to man. In different areas, the length of an average penis differs. Since there are many varying factors, the ideal handsome man length of a penis is a conflicting matter to ponder on. Read on to discover the ideal length for a penis and how various races and cultures differ on the subject.

Flaccid, Stretched and Erect

The right way to measure a penis is from the top of the penis head (the glans) all the way down to the pubic bone. Penile length of a penis is measured in three forms; flaccid, stretched and erect. The lengths of all three forms are different. A flaccid penis is measured to be between 3.5 inches on average in the world. Though it may not be true for some countries, where the average erect size comes up near the flaccid size. After this, the stretched measurements of a penis are taken.

It is not fully erect but only stretched. A 2015 systematic review showed drastic differences between a stretched and erect penis. The ideal length for a stretched penis around the world is 5 inches. This is again true for certain regions and others are below or higher. Lastly, an erect penis, or the actual length, is measured. This is a huge discussion all over the world since it does not stay uniform across the world and it is something that men take pride in. Here, the average and ideal also vary from nations to nations. They prefer a certain length. However, the ideal length for a penis is 5.9 inches globally. In some cases, it could come up to around 6.3 inches as well.

Penis size across nations

According to the Worldwide Penis Survey in 2015, nations have a huge role to play in the length of a penis. Total of 116 countries were taken to test the ideal penis length in men.  The country with the longest size was Brazil with the ideal length of 7.6 inches.

On second, Ecuador was recorded to be at 7.0 inches and third was Zaire at 6.82 inches. After that, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica and Peru ranged between 6 to 6.9 inches. Furthermore, there are countries which have the smallest sizes as well.

North and South Korea, Cambodia, India and Thailand were at the lowest number. Their size ranged between 3.8 to 4.4 inches. In between these numbers were other countries like UK, USA, Turkey and the middle-eastern region, with an average length of 5 to 6 inches. To combine the surveys taken, the average and ideal varies. The average size comes up to be around 5.5 to 5.9 inches. Nonetheless, it could contradict the ideal length of 6 inches or more. Apart from nations, the genetics and physical features also play a part in the penis length.

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