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Most men feel a desire to be larger and to feel impressive to their partner or spouse. This seems to be a universal yearning among most men, not because of a necessary lack of actual size but as a social reality of how men compete with each other and how they feel about their own bodies. An impression of being inadequate or simply not feeling they are the very best in the bedroom weighs hard mentally for most men.

This stress can pressure a man, causing a feeling of inadequacies, stress on his relationships, lack of confidence and for many, deep emotional anxiety. Men can transfer this tension to their partner, women in particular, because men with lower self-esteem can sometimes try to overcompensate or even sometimes blame their partner for how they feel.

This stress can pressure a man, causing a feeling of inadequacies, stress on his relationships, lack of confidence and for many, deep emotional anxiety. Men can transfer this tension to their partner, women in particular, because men with lower self-esteem can sometimes try to overcompensate or even sometimes blame their partner for how they feel.

It is important to make sure a man’s partner understands that usually the primary reason he is seeking a male enhancement procedure is to feel better about himself, not because of a physical mismatch between him and his partner. Many women may first think that they may be the problem, that they are unable to please their husband or that their body is not ideal for their spouse. We should make it clear that women have amazing bodies that was designed to accommodate most any male, large or small and have the extreme flexibility to handle childbirth and then to recover back to normal This is inherit among most all women and this should not be thought of as the problem.

Below is a list of common questions or concerns that we have heard from hundreds of married couples. These question cover everything from sexual intimacy to simple recovery questions. After reviewing these, we hope they may help answer some of your questions. We also have expert staff that can talk to couples and review any other questions or concerns that you may have. Please do not be embarrassed to reach out with any questions or concerns. A male Enhancement procedure affects both partners and something that should be explored and decided upon together.

1. Wife may feel her vaginal canal may be too big for husband and feels bad about herself or that she is the problem?

The vaginal canal is an extremely flexible and adaptive organ that was designed to accommodate most any size penis. This canal also has the flexibility to pass a large 10 inch baby head during child birth so it ability to stretch and flex is extraordinary. This ability to flex should not be confused with the thought of being too large. It is natural for the vaginal canal to have plenty of “give” or to feel soft to a man, this is natural and common. It is possible for some women to feel slightly “tighter” or “Loser” to their partner, but the difference is very little. Over lubrication or dryness has a much larger impact to the feel than the actual “tightness” of the vaginal walls on the penis.

2. Wife may be concerned her husband may cheat after he gets a larger penis

This is a common concern from many women as they see the new confidence a man gains from a male enhancement procedure. As a man feels more confident about his body, he may express it by being more open and more social. This is not a sign of infidelity, but a positive sign that he feels better about himself and his body. Most women report that they feel better with their spouse after a male enhancement procedure because he feels more confident in bed and eager to please. Most women report that this new level of confidence makes their love making relationship with their husband even stronger.

3. Does the penis feel the same as far as firmness after the procedure?

For most women, the quality of an erection is far more important than the size. Our Male Enhancement procedure only works on the outer layer of the penile shaft. We never penetrate the inner chambers that create the actual erection. If a patient suffers from ED now and takes medication, he will need to continue the same. The procedure does not make the erection stronger or weaker, only larger. The added girth will remain while the penis is flaccid as well as when erect, and the quality of his current erections will remain. The penis will not feel squishy or soft because of the added girth, it will remain very closely to his current erection firmness, just thicker.

4. Will he be in pain?

This non-surgical, minimal invasive technique is performed by injections only. The patient will be numbed for the injection procedure and will feel only minor pin pricks during the initial numbing. There is very little to no pain after the procedure and during his recovery. But, if there is discomfort, Dr. Loria prescribes mild pain relievers during the recovery period.

5. Sex is fine now, how will it affect both partners in the future? Will it be better?

Many men report an enhanced sensation after a Male Enhancement procedure because of the larger surface area he now has and because the vaginal canal may feel tighter again his penis shaft. The biggest improvement, in most men, is the renewed confidence as sexual intimacy is more mental than physical and the thought of being larger and better can greatly enhance a man performance and overall satisfaction. For women, they report an increased sensation level and a feeling of being “Fuller” during intercourse. The ability for a thicker penis to apply a stronger awareness around the vaginal canal tends to benefit most women and for many, help a woman achieve orgasm simply from sexual penetration.

6. Wife is embarrassed to talk about how size may affect her

It is widely reported that most women prefer girth over length and that it is girth that creates most of the satisfying sensations. But, for many, it is sometimes hard to discuss the subject because of the stigma of feeling like a “lose” women. Todays society has helped many women move past this stigma to help them be more open about their bodies and what feels good to them. If the fact that a larger girth is more stimulating, you should not feel embarrassed to discuss this with your partner. In the past, there were no good solutions, so most women simply did not say anything, but today with Male Enhancement procedure, this is an easy fix and can addressed and should be addressed. To simply admit what an ideal size is for a woman should not be taboo, it should be shared with your partner and his doctor as this is something that can be altered for both of your benefits.

7. Will it affect his erections, will his penis be too heavy to stand up?

After a dermal filler Male Enhancement procedure, the penis will be larger and girthier, both erect and flaccid. This procedure does not affect the quality of the erections nor does it prevent a natural erection to stand up to its normal angle. Usually after two or more procedure, both the man and his partner report that the penis is slightly heavier (in a good way) creating both a larger bulge in clothing as well as additional stimulus during intercourse.

8. If wife and husband separate, will this cause her to not be able to be with another man?

The vaginal canal is an amazing organ designed to accommodate most any penis size. A woman can change sexual partners and her next partner would never know the difference. A larger penis does not permanently “stretch out” a women as common folktale may suggest. A woman may miss the extra sensation that the girthier penis did create, but sexual satisfaction is more mental than physical, and most women simply move on.


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