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Does Jelqing Really Improve Erections

Does Jelqing Really Improve Erections

In this article we are going to take a look at the practice of jelqing for the purpose of improving erections.

If you are like the majority of Men, you’ve probably wondered if getting a bigger penis through jelqing possible. You’ve probably seen advertisements which have read “want a bigger penis?” They are usually followed by some sort of advertisement for pills or weird contraptions of some sort.

You will find that jelqing is one of the most widely practiced processes for anatomical improvement throughout the centuries. And while it has certainly been called many different names over the years, the process is amazingly, and universally similar! Read on as we take a look below.

What exactly is Jelqing?man exercising

The basic aim of jelqing is to allow the chambers in the penis to accommodate more blood. While there are lots of different exotic explanations for what is happening during penis enlargement exercises let’s keep it simple. Basically the corpora cavernosa are the primary chambers in the penis that hold blood, and jelqing exercises set their sites on simply expanding the tissue structure within the penis, and allowing them to accommodate as much fluid as possible during an erection.

How are the Exercises Done?

There are many variations of jelqing, some far more efficient than others. But the very basic approach is this: You make an “ok” sign with your dominant hand, and starting at the base of the penis, you aim to draw more blood through the penile chamber by pulling it from the bottom, up to the glans. (the top of the penis)
Repetition is obviously important, as is the tension and torque applied to the anatomy while systematically manipulating the tissue in the penis through tension.

Does Jelqing Work or Not?

Like everything if you put the work in and use the proper techniques it will work. But everyone is different. Thousands of men ( probably a lot more!) have gotten great gains from jelqing to improve their erections. If you are willing to learn, and truly want the best erections you can attain, in reasonably short time it will work for you as well. But it’s not magic – and it does require work. At least it will be enjoyable trying!

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