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Scrotal Enlargement Surgery Alternatives

Scrotal Enlargement Surgery Alternatives

Just as a Woman’s breasts sag and age the same thing happens to a Man’s scrotum. Men with an overly saggy, stretched out scrotum skin can experience discomfort in tight clothing, suffer chafing and irritation against the thighs, feel difficulty exercising normally, and be self-consciousness in intimate situations.

To be succinct, the scrotum usually consists of a very flexible and wrinkly skin sack (ball bag) which contains the two testicles (the balls). While there is no normal or standard size scrotum, it usually adjusts to the size of the testicles.confident man shadow

Due to aging, hormonal issues, injury or just plain genetics your scrotum can ‘shrink’ and shrivel up leaving you with a less attractive man bulge.


Some guys find they may just want a larger, tighter, rounder, firmer scrotum. It’s now even possible to get ‘smoother’ testicles. With Scrotox, which is the variable on Botox, you can get your scrotum wrinkles figuratively “ironed” out and appear more attractive looking just like two perfect firm plums.

Natural Scrotal Enhancement

Until now, the options for safe scrotal enhancement were very limited. Many “implant” procedures leave an unnaturally hard feeling in the scrotum, which can easily be detected by touch. Obviously, anyone getting such an enhancement would desire it to look and feel completely natural.

Loria Medical Scrotal Enhancement Procedure is a true breakthrough, in that it provides a fuller, larger scrotum, yet provides a natural realistic texture to the touch without surgery.
The result is an undetectable, safe, and permanent procedure for enlarging the scrotum.

If you are looking for an upgrade for your “bulge”, this will definitely provide the results you are looking for.

Scrotal Enhancement involves the insertion of filler material into the Scrotal Skin that will ultimately result in collagen formation and enlargement. A pleasing thing to mention is that the filler material is not inserted near the testicles, nor does the filler ever come in contact with the testicles.

The result is a larger, more prominent scrotum that commands attention, respect, and intrigue and feels natural, soft, and undetectable.
If you’re experiencing shrunken testicles, saggy scrotum or hanging loose skin contact Dr. Victor Loria at Loria Medical. We can help you regain your confidence. Call today on 786-409-5911 for more information.


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