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Random Sex Facts (in no particular order)

Random Sex Facts (in no particular order)

While researching material to write about this week, I came across numerous sites with random sex facts.  They are all extremely interesting so I thought I would share some with you.  They are as follows and in no particular order:

  • If you are right-handed, chances are that your left testicle hangs lower than your right one.  The opposite is true for lefties.
  • In Americans aged 14 – 49, 1 in 6 had a genital herpes HSV-2 infection.
  • According to a survey by the National Center for Health Statistics, among adults aged 20 – 59, women average 4 sex partners in their lifetimes and men average 7.
  • 75% of men reach orgasm every time they have sex.  That number is 29% for women. (National Health and Life Survey)
  • The average male loses his virginity at age 16.9.  The average female loses hers at 17.4.  Inherited traits such as impulsivity may make a person more or less willing to have sex at an earlier age. (Kinsey Institute, California State University)
  • At least 50% of sexually active men or women will have a genital HPV infection at some time in their lives.  In 90% of cases, the body’s immune system fights off the infection within 2 years. (Center for Disease Control)
  • Between 10 million – 1 billion bacteria are exchanged when 2 people kiss.
  • 25% of men over the age of 65 use Erectile Dysfunction pills.
  • About 5% of 40 year old men and 15 – 25% of 65 year old men experience ED (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestives and Kidney Diseases)
  • In the United States, the average erect penis is 5 – 7 inches long and 4 – 6 inches in circumference. (Kinsey Institute)
  • 46% of people over age 50 claim to have sex once a week.
  • The male record holder for perpetuating his genes is a Moroccan Emperor.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records, he sired 342 daughters and 525 sons.  He was reputed to have 700 male descendants by 1721. (“Why Evolution is True (Viking 2009) by Jerry Coyne)
  • According to a Durex Survey, the average frequency of sex is twice per week.  The average sex per year is 103 times which is 1.98 times per week and .28 times per day. (Durex Survey)
  • In a year- long study by Turkish researchers it was found that heavier men make love for an average of 7.3 minutes while slender men lasted an average of 103 seconds.  That’s less than 2 minutes! (Nature magazine)
  • The increase in serotonin levels that happens during sex eases the pathways that lead to and sustain a headache.  Maybe “Not tonight, I have a headache” shouldn’t be an excuse not to have sex, huh? (headache specialist Dr. Vincent Martin)
  • Men think about sleep and food as often as they think about sex!
  • If your index and ring fingers on your right hand are mismatched, you are more likely to have a longer penis.  If the ratio between your 2nd and 4th fingers is smaller, then you are likely to have a longer stretched penis. (Asian Journal of Andrology)

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