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Women like Large Penises!

Women like Large Penises!

Huff Post Science printed an article the other day regarding the findings of a new study.  Women rate men with large penises more attractive than those with smaller penises.  However, the “right” size penis depends on the rest of your body’s proportions.  Larger penises give taller men a bigger boost on the attractiveness meter than they do for shorter men. There have been many studies done on whether size matters to women.  Previous study results have been mixed.  The pickiest women seem to be those who experience frequent orgasms from vaginal stimulation since size matters for that.  Many previous studies have relied on questionnaires and answers are not always honest.  Other studies have shown photos of male figures with penis size being the only variable that women are asked to rate attractiveness on.  However, penis size is rarely a trait judged in a vacuum, so how accurate can those results be? Researchers led by Michael Sennion of the Australian National University found a way to compensate for the shortfalls of other studies.  He invited 105 Australian women to view life-sized computer generated figures of nude men. Height, hip-to-shoulder ratio, and flaccid penis size were all varied.  Height and hip-to-shoulder ratio have been previously documented as factors that women use to rate attractiveness.  In the simulated figures, penis width was varied in synch with length so that all penises were proportional. Among the results of the study, taller men were preferred.  A major factor in determining attractiveness is the hip-to-shoulder ratio.   In fact, hip-to-shoulder ration accounted for a 79.6% variation on hot-or-not ratings!  Results also showed that women prefer larger penises, at least up to 5.1 inches flaccid.  Up to 2.99 inches flaccid showed most improvement in attractiveness ratings, while between 2.99 inches and 5.1 inches flaccid additional attractiveness due to penis size began to decline.  Since an Italian study done in 2001 found that a 2.9 inch flaccid penis was less than average, this may be good news to some men. Results showed that a larger penis had a greater effect on the perceived attractiveness of taller men.  The possibilities for this result may be that a larger penis looks more proportional on taller men, or perhaps the women were simply biased against short men.  Taller women are more likely than short women to find taller men attractive.  Women with greater body mass per height were slightly more likely to use penis size in their judgment of attractiveness than skinny women. Human men have remarkably larger penis size in relation to their body size than males of other species.  An example would be the male gorilla who can weigh up to 400 pounds, yet his erect penis is only 1.5 inches long.  The findings of this study may help in explaining this fact.  Evolutionary biologists theorize that in the era before clothing females may have been drawn to mate with males who had the largest penises.  That trait would have been passed on in the genes resulting in evolutionary changes. If you are a male who is not satisfied with the size of your penis, be sure to visit this website; https://www.loriamedical.com.  Dr. Loria and his PLATINUM Procedure may be just what you need to improve your attractiveness in the eyes of women.

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