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The Body Part to Properly Stimulate for Fantastic Sex

The Body Part to Properly Stimulate for Fantastic Sex

Men and women have the same body part that does the most to guarantee fantastic sex, and that is the brain. When you can manage to focus your thoughts on sex in ways that contribute to continued arousal and an ultimate orgasm, you know you are well equipped.

When Thoughts Spoil the Mood

The Body Part to Properly Stimulate for Fantastic Sex

What you have on your mind can pour cold water on the mood and cut the fun short or, it can also make for great sex. You have the power to direct your thoughts. Types of stressful considerations to shut down if they enter your mind include:

  • Self-consciousness about excess fat on your body and other actual or perceived imperfections.
  • Doubts that you’ll reach a climax.
  • Fears that you’re doing things all wrong.
  • Wondering if you match up to your lover’s previous sexual partners.

Set one Goal

It seems that the inner critic goes into overdrive at certain times, and during sex is often one of those times. When you are having sex, forget about any other concerns or goals other than enjoying your partner. Lovemaking is an intimate act that is best enjoyed with a focus strictly on pleasure.

Divert all Distracting Thoughts

There are plenty of things that can cause your mind to drift away from sex, for anyone with a busy life. Although it’s the right time to have your brain on sexual sensations, you may find yourself thinking of worries on the job, things you didn’t check off of on your to-do list, a worrisome email you haven’t responded to, or a huge host of possible other things. These kinds of thoughts will also have the effect of dampening the mood and negatively affecting sexual performance. Your brain is a powerful organ, and you can use your determination to shift it toward the activity you are currently engaged in.

Create the Right Environment

The ability to stay in the moment is greatly impacted by the environment. Consider what really sets the mood for you and your partner. This may involve playing music you both enjoy, lighting scented candles, wearing clothes that feel sexy, or playfully dancing. You may want to have the smell of baby powder or cucumber in the room because, according to research, these scents increase blood flow in the vagina by 13%, which will heighten a woman’s pleasure during sex. These things help your brain stay on target.

Take a Brisk Walk Beforehand

Going all out to enhance your intimate sexual experience is always a good idea. Another way to get your brain all-in is to get some exercise shortly before the foreplay commences. Having several dances or going for a nice walk will stimulate the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that assists in controlling the reward and pleasure centers in the brain.

Think Positive Thoughts Toward your Partner

Relationships can be complex, and we often have plenty of baggage that we carry around. During times of intimacy, leave behind thoughts of grudges you struggle with. Don’t even let yourself think of disappointments or resentments. These types of feelings will affect your thinking in a way that will likely take away from sharing sexual pleasures. Think positive thoughts and share encouraging words of praise, and both of you will experience greater enjoyment.

When it’s Time to Feed the Brain

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