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The Truth About Male Enhancement Surgery

The Truth About Male Enhancement Surgery

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the risks of traditional male enhancement surgery. Thousands of men are unhappy with their penis size and are desperate to find a permanent solution to the plethora of problems a small penis presents.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved…and why traditional male enhancement surgery should be your very LAST resort, and only when there are other mitigating circumstances which make it absolutely necessary.doctor consultation

Just what is a male enhancement surgery?

Traditional enhancement surgery involves procedures and techniques in increasing the size of the penis. By size it can refer to the length as is achieved through enhancement phalloplasty or the width through girth enhancement.

The success of such surgical procedures varies with some men. The major problem with these techniques is that they are permanent and therefore the effects are irreversible.

Penis enlargement surgery for length

This male enhancement surgery procedure increases the length of the penis. Approximately one half of the penis is inside the body and it is connected to the pelvis bone by the suspensory ligament.
The penis is lengthened through surgically releasing the suspensory ligament, allowing the penis to extend farther and more straighter. Men who may be thinking that they may have scars after the surgery need not worry because the procedure is done through an incision in the pubic area. The incision is small and can be concealed by the pubic hair. Therefore, no incision is performed on the penis itself.

The result of such a male enhancement surgery varies from a length gain of 1 to 2 inches. Typically, a larger penis can expect to have greater length compared to a small penis to begin with.

Penis enlargement surgery for girth

This is achieved through the insertion or injection of certain fillers to the penis and the scrotum. This will result to a larger girth.

There are other methods of male enhancement surgery. One of these involves the use of inflatable implants. This is commonly used to treat impotence. Another is the glanular enhancement usually performed after a penis enlargement surgery. This procedure maintains or restores the symmetrical and aesthetic qualities of the penis after a surgery.

Any male enhancement surgery is worthy to be considered by any male who wants to improve his sexual health. As with any medical procedures, you just have to be thorough first with your own personal research regarding these techniques and to consult medical experts before you undergo any surgery.

Risks of Surgery

The side effects of traditional enhancement surgery are numerous and include:

  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Hematoma
  • Decreased erections
  • Scarring, lumps and bumps

The results are NOT guaranteed!

Read the fine print. Lots of men have reported size gains after this surgery…but, have found those gains disappeared after just a short while. Unfortunately there have been cases where men have found their girth even reduced afterwards. Not the results one is hoping for with surgery.

At Loria Medical there is no traditional surgery. No stitches, no scalpel cutting, no scars.

If you’re looking for modern day, permanent, male enhancement call Dr. Victor Loria today. More than half of all men want a larger penis, according to research. Dr. Victor Loria offers a penis enhancement treatment that works, and it involves benefits such as minimal downtime, no surgery, no stitches, and no general anesthesia. Easy financing is available. Dr. Loria has performed this revolutionary procedure more than 5,000 times. Contact Loria Medical today at 877-DR-LORIA (877-375-6742) to learn more.

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