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What Happens To Your Body When You Orgasm?

What Happens To Your Body When You Orgasm?

In this post we’re talking about a man’s orgasm in particular in case you were wondering.

You may think you know everything about orgasms from what you’ve seen in movies, experienced with partners, heard from friends, read in magazines etc. But what really happens physically and physiologically when a man has an orgasm? Is it all over and done once his erection is done? Can a man orgasm without an erection? Is an orgasm always pleasant? What actually happens to your body when you orgasm?male orgasm

The orgasm is quite complicated. Not only for women but for guys too even though they may seem to achieve it more easily. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of connections that have to occur for it to happen. The male orgasm basically consists of the contraction and pulsating feeling most men feel in their penis, prostate and pelvic region.

These pleasant sensations are matched with increased heart rate, rapid breathing, muscle tension, anal, sphincter and PC or pubococcygeus muscle contractions.

There’s also an increase in blood pressure. Which would explain why some men experience a headache or dizziness after orgasm. They also tend to experience a great release in tension overall.

What actually occurs in the body prior to orgasm

Did you know that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate things?

Before orgasm is about to occur, seminal fluids build up at the base of the penis in the urethral bulb. This gives the man the cue that he’s about to ejaculate and if it’s too soon perhaps he ought to start thinking of other things like, that root canal that’s coming up or something not so pleasant to hold off for a bit…But, if all systems are go and the timing is right then while orgasm is occuring his testicles tighten up really close to his body, and his urinary tract shuts down so his seminal fluid can exit from his penis rather than his bladder. And of course, the big ‘O’ takes place as we know it.

That’s not all though. Backing up a bit. The brain namely the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, release hormones into the blood which cue the testicles to produce the sperm and testosterone. Testosterone circulates back to the brain where it stokes the fire of sexual desire. Factor in visualization, erotic smells and sounds, light touches, massages, salty skin and wet lips and you’ve got a recipe to make all kinds of concoctions.

Interesting facts about the male orgasm:

  • Men can achieve multiple orgasms

Yes! It’s possible. It’s been found that around 15% of men are capable of having multiple orgasms with some efforts. However, they seem to of not be as pleasurable as the first one.

  • Men can orgasm without ejaculating

Ejaculations and orgasms are not simultaneous. Ejaculation in some men may occur after orgasm, while some men may orgasm but not ejaculate.

  • An average orgasm for a man lasts 15-22 seconds
  • It takes on average 7 minutes of stimulation for a man to achieve orgasm. 2 minutes when masturbating.
  • Men have been know to fake orgasms too!
  • It takes time to recharge a man’s battery to get ready for another orgasm
  • Orgasms are generally much better when the man has an emotional connection with the person they are having sex with.

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