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What is Scrotal Enhancement?

What is Scrotal Enhancement?

In this day and age we can enhance almost every feature on our body that we are not happy with. While many have heard of penis enlargements, breast enhancements, and vaginal rejuvenations, the world is still in the dark when it comes to scrotal enhancement. The scrotum is a vital part of the male reproductive system, so many may be apprehensive to enhance this body part. However, it is a completely safe, minimally invasive procedure. Read on to learn more about scrotal enhancement and to see if this procedure is right for you.

What is the Scrotum?

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Before enhancing any body part, it is important to understand what it is made out of and its function within the body. The scrotal sac hangs just under the penis. It is home to the testicles and is where sperm is created.

What gives the scrotum its distinct shape is the several layers of tissue it has. On the outside we can see the visible skin layer, but underneath this visible layer are even more layers of connective tissue. These are known as fascia and they are found throughout the body, but these connective tissues are most abundant in the scrotum. And just underneath the fascia lies the testicles.

What is Scrotal Enhancement?

Much like the aforementioned penises, breasts, and vaginas, the purpose of a scrotal enhancement is to alter the size and shape of the scrotum. This is done by inserting collagen-layering activation fillers into the scrotal skin. By doing so, it facilitates the growth of collagen.

Collagen is a naturally forming protein responsible for healing wounds, giving bones structure, and creating skin cells. Once collagen forms on the sac, it will continue to grow, naturally enhancing the size and shape of the scrotum.

Should I Get a Scrotal Enhancement?

That call is yours. If you are unhappy with the scrotum you were born with, you don’t have to live with it. However, to decide if you are the right candidate for a scrotal enhancement, you would most likely fall into one of these categories:

Very Small Scrotal Area

When it comes to the area below the belt, nobody likes anything to look small. If you have a small scrotum, it may look smaller to you if you have a large penis. Looking to balance out the two? Scrotal enhancement can help to even out the discrepancies going on in your pants. For some, scrotal enhancement is more about the feeling than the look. Men want to feel the scrotum in between their legs. If the area is too small, they might not feel like they are living up to their masculine potential. By increasing the mass of the scrotal area, you can subsequently change the perception of how the scrotum feels to the man as well.

Very Tight Scrotal Skin

Tight scrotal skin is uncomfortable. That’s because there is less room for your testicles to breathe. Therefore, tight scrotal skin can add unwanted pressure onto the testes. When adding collagen activation filler to the scrotum (which never comes in contact with the testes), the growth will fight off the scrotal skin’s strong muscle contraction. In turn, the skin will relax and look larger.

Very Loose Scrotal Skin

While some feel their testes are too tight and close to the body, others feel their testicles hang too low. This is due to the loose scrotal skin that acts as a sac for the testicles. By adding collagen fillers, the loose skin will harden. As a result, your testicles won’t be aiming for your kneecaps anymore!

Learn More About Scrotal Enhancement

Are you interested in scrotal enhancement? Contact the offices of Loria Medical to learn more about the procedure and to set up an appointment with Dr. Victor Loria. There is minimal downtime from work to adjust to your new scrotum following the enhancement. Call 877-375-6742 today.

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