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Lifestyle Habits That Can Power Up Your Libido

Lifestyle Habits That Can Power Up Your Libido

If you’ve lost that loving feeling you’re not alone. Research shows over 15% of men and women lack the desire to have sex on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean you’re in for a lifetime of celibacy! Here are some lifestyle changes you can make that will hopefully turn into regular habits. And once you incorporate them on the regular, you may find your libido powered up for the long haul.muscular man

  1. Plan more fun date nights

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We make plenty of time for our work, obligations and responsibilities. It’s also important to set aside time for fun in our lives with the ones we love and cherish. These don’t have to be grand, expensive, night on the town break the bank evenings. Do something different, try a new hobby. Anything to get out and break up the monotony of the day to day is crucial to keeping the connection and the spark alive between you and your partner.

2) Check your meds

Nowadays your Physician may be quick to prescribe a new medication for whatever is ailing you. Check to make sure that these meds don’t have a sexual side effect because a lot of them do. If there’s a medication you don’t really need to be taking then check with your Dr. to see if it’s safe for you to eliminate it.

3) Make your bedroom into a boudoir

It’s hard to have any anticipation of intimacy in the bedroom when you expect the kids to come barging in at any given time or the dog to come nosing in at any moment. Kick the kids out (if you have any) and the pets, and make your bedroom your private love sanctuary. Have this place be your private area just for you and your partner to cuddle up and share special intimate times, delightful massages, catch up on important conversations, or simply relax together.

4) Eat Clean

Be honest. If you’re stuffing your face all day with sugared lattes, muffins from work, processed meals for lunch and then gulping down some fast food at the drive through for dinner you’re not going to be in the mood for sex. All those chemicals can wreck havoc on your hormones and your brain causing you to have major mood swings and then want to crash later from the sugar let down.

Clean up your food intake by eating a heart healthy Mediterranean style diet full of healthy fats, lean meats, fish and vegetables. Your libido will thank you.

5) Get Your Thyroid Checked

If you’ve been taking care of yourself but you are still gaining weight, have dry skin, hair loss and are constantly fatigued – don’t ignore it. You may be among the millions suffering from a thyroid issue. A simple lab test will confirm this and it can easily be treated.

6) Exercise often

We can’t say it enough. Exercise leads to great sex! It also leads to improved confidence, a better mood and an improved waistline. Working out 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes increases endorphins, the feel good hormones. And the better you feel, the more you want to have sex.

And in conclusion, to power up your libido, put aside the gizmos and gadgets and be truly present for a change. Connect with your partner without being distracted by electronics once in a while. Focus your attention on them and the good feelings they’re giving you and this will turn into a healthy habit for both of you.

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