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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Male Sex Drive

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Male Sex Drive

The male sex drive is a topic that needs more conversations. A man’s masculinity and self worth can be intimately tied to their sexual prowess. The male stereotype has created a tendency for men suffer in silence rather than seek help. It appears men only seek help when the symptoms reach an extreme point they can no longer ignore or cope with.

Libido will vary greatly throughout life

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Male Sex Drive - 877-375-6742

It’s more readily accepted that a woman’s desire for sex will fluctuate greatly, whereas men tend to believe they should reach their seventies and still be as rampant and virile as they were in their twenties. Anything that falls short of being Hugh Heffneresque just isn’t manly.

In reality, a man’s libido will also vary greatly. Our modern lifestyles are making this more apparent than ever.

What causes fluctuations in the male libido?

There are several factors that affect a man’s sex drive:

Hormonal imbalance: Sorry ladies, you don’t have the monopoly on hormone problems, men get to share in the joyous experience as well.

Medicinal drugs: Some drugs are known to decrease the amount of testosterone men produce, which reduces the man’s sex drive. Statin drugs reduce the amount of cholesterol we produce, and cholesterol is crucial in order for our bodies to produce testosterone.

Stress: At a time when anti-depressants seem to be challenging M&Ms as America’s favorite candy, it’s a fairly safe bet to presume a large chunk of men have a changed sex drive and are under a great deal of pressure. We all know stress is bad for our health in general, but when our brain is stressed and overwhelmed it has no room for thoughts of sex.

Sleep: This one is closely linked to stress. Once your sleep patterns are disrupted, you quickly form new bad habits. This has a huge impact on your testosterone levels and your sex drive.

Deficiencies: A lack of vitamin D and low magnesium levels have been linked to a reduction in testosterone. While these rarely cause catastrophic changes, they can have enough of an effect to be noticed.

What you can do about it?

If any of the factors on this list strike a chord, then there’s a very good chance it’s a contributing factor to any change in your sex drive. The best way to ensure your sex drive remains driven is by maintaining your physical and mental health. Getting regular exercise, establishing positive sleep patterns, eating a balanced diet and reducing the stress in your life will all help to maintain your libido.

For many people this is far easier said than done. This is where stigma plays a role. When life is unlikely to change any time soon and you’re experiencing problems with your sex drive, seek help. If you speak to a medical professional they may be able help you, but one thing is for sure, if you never speak to them, they definitely won’t be able to help.

Get help as early as possible

If you’re a man suffering from a reduced sense of self worth because of a penis related issue, then Loria Medical can help. Dr. Victor Loria is an experienced professional with extensive knowledge about helping men to be comfortable with their sexual prowess again. He also provides a minimally invasive option for male enhancement. No surgery. No anesthesia needed. Just permanent results. Call today on 877-375-6742 for more information.

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