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5 Embarrassing Penis Questions Answered

5 Embarrassing Penis Questions Answered

Men are often too embarrassed about sexual issues to ask for help, as though such requests are a poor reflection on manhood. The contrary is true. By seeking answers, you are opening the door for possible solutions. The following are some of the most common “embarrassing” penis questions:

1. How can I stay erect longer during sex?

Embarrassing penis questions answered - 877-375-6742Maintaining a healthy body greatly helps to achieve a sustainable erection, but there’s more to it. For the purpose of having sex, getting erect is largely a mental task. Mental stimulation communicates the right signals to the brain to channel more blood to the penis. To maintain a strong erection, the arteries need perfect efficiency, the signals of the nervous system must be transmitted without hindrance, and the mind and body must be in sync. If there is a problem in any of these areas, weak erections are often the result.

2. How can I prevent early ejaculation?

Men commonly experience early ejaculation, also known as premature ejaculation. Early ejaculation is when a man has an orgasm within about a minute of penetration due to an inability to delay it. Men often feel sexually inadequate because of premature ejaculation, and they begin avoiding sexual intimacy. The factors causing the problem can be both physical and psychological. The following are some techniques that often prove to be helpful:

  • About an hour before intercourse, masturbate. The gratification can often help to delay an orgasm during sexual intimacy.
  • When you are about to orgasm, stop and have your partner squeeze the penis below the head until the urge to reach a climax passes. Repeat a few times after continuing intercourse.
  • Enjoy pleasuring your partner and yourself without intercourse for a span of time.

3. Can my sex drive increase by boosting testosterone?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone, and it is believed to regulate various functions, including sex drive and sperm production. Lifestyle changes may be the best way to boost testosterone, such as:

  • Maintain a healthy weight;
  • Do strength-building exercises and cardiovascular training;
  • Get plenty of sleep;
  • Don’t smoke;
  • Reduce life’s stressors; and
  • Be sure you aren’t taking supplements that reduce testosterone levels, such as anabolic steroids.
  • Men over the age of 40 may want to consider testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), if their natural testosterone levels have decreased throughout the years. Speak to an experienced physician about this, because TRT treatment is not recommended for everyone.

4. Why can’t I get hard anymore after one round of sex?

The younger a man is, the more quickly he can get another erection after an orgasm. This period of time is the recovery or refractory phase. In young men, the refractory phase is minutes; middle-aged men oftentimes require hours to experience another erection; and elderly men can go days between erections. Couples should focus on foreplay and other ways to enjoy intimacy besides intercourse, since men are naturally designed for one erection at a time.

5. What are the options for penis enlargement?

There is no supplement or medication that can increase penis size. Penis enlargement procedures are available. It isn’t necessary to have a surgical procedure, however. Problems with surgical penis enhancement include extreme pain and a lengthy recovery period. Fortunately, Dr. Victor Loria, a renowned cosmetic surgeon, has developed a revolutionary procedure for penis enhancement. He has performed more than 5,000 of these procedures, which increase penis girth. No cutting, no scar, no stitches, no invasive surgery, and no anesthesia are needed. There are other benefits, as well. Contact Dr. Loria at 877-375-6742 to learn more.

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